Tristar Products, Inc. Hires Award-Winning Industry Experts

Direct response company Tristar Products, Inc. has hired Astrid Hunton as Director of Customer Services and Jim Myers, who will join the team as General Counsel. Both Myers and Hunton are long-time consultants to Tristar. Hunton will manage all aspects of customer service for DR TV, web, and retail outlets. Myers will be responsible for managing and coordinating Tristar’s response to legal issues.

These two new hires are expected to make a big impact as Tristar accelerates its growing leadership in direct response and consumer retail distribution.

Best Selling Product Invention, Marketing, and Development

Tristar Products, Inc. is industry-recognized as the pioneer of innovative ideas and product inventions in the direct response marketing business. Dedication to high standards of well-reviewed, quality products makes Tristar the premiere “As Seen On TV” market leader worldwide.

25 Years of Well-Reviewed Customer Service Experience for Tristar’s New Director

Hunton has worked in the customer service industry for nearly 25 years. She recently joined the team because she wanted to be part of a trusted, well-run industry giant. She believes in the products Tristar markets to help the every day person enjoy life more easily.

Hunton is happy to report, “Customers are constantly writing reviews telling the Tristar Team how grateful they are.” She remains committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction to each and every consumer.

General Counsel Hired at Tristar Products, Inc.

Jim Myers has been working in the direct response industry since 1990. Myers is one of the country’s highest-rated experts in patent litigation, patent strategy matters, intellectual property transactions and related litigation. With Tristar from the very beginning, he writes of his hiring, “I’ve watched Tristar evolve into the well-respected company it is today and I’ve had the privilege of watching the company grow from a small business to an internationally-recognized industry leader with millions of loyal customers.”

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