Enjoy a Blooming Onion Right at Home in the newly released Power Air Fryer XL from Tristar Products, Inc.

Hey, there. I’m Eric Theiss. Did you grow up eating fresh fried food at picnics & on the boardwalk? I did. For me, summertime means southern-fried chicken, waffle fries & onion rings.

But deep-frying bathes my meals in unhealthy fat and oil. That means ridiculously high calories and potentially harmful trans-fats.

A better alternative? I choose Tristar Products’ Power Air Fryer XL. Like many of you, I know I can’t continue to eat deep-fried food if I want to keep my waist size and cholesterol levels down.

The Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to fry my food with a whirlwind of super-heated air instead of oil. I get that great, crispy-fried taste and texture but without all of the fat and calories.

In fact, the meals I cook in the Air Fryer have an average of 80 percent fewer calories & fat compared to even the best deep fryer.

I can eat all of my favorite fried foods from childhood without the guilt and without the guessing games.

Tristar designed The PowerAir Fryer with a pre-set, One-Touch Panel.

One push of a button is all it takes, and the Power Air Fryer XL does the rest.

Plus, your kitchen won’t turn into a deep-frying disaster area. There’s no soaking & scrubbing afterwards. When I cook with the Air Fryer, I never have to re-clean my kitchen.

I just pop the Fry Basket right into the dishwasher. And head right back to the pool!

The best part? There’s no guilt afterwards. I can finally feel good about serving mouthwatering fried food to my family and my guests.

And you will, too. Tristar Products’ kitchen innovations are changing the way families eat for the better.

This week, I’ve got a delicious, golden-fried appetizer for you. It’s perfect to share at pool parties & outdoor gatherings. I know you’ve had it and I know you love it:

Blooming Onion!

I no longer need to pay restaurant prices to have one of my favorite crispy treats. This super easy recipe comes out so crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, no one will know it wasn’t traditionally deep-fried.

I use the Pre-Touch Fry Feature on the Air Fryer. Tristar made sure the Air Fryer is complete with pre-set button for whatever I want to cook. It’s truly changing the way I prepare family meals. Not only do I air fry, I can also roast, bake, steam, saute & grill.

Just don’t forget to serve your Blooming Onion with your favorite dipping sauces!

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